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🚀 New! Consolto's Group Rooms & Group Chat!
June 4, 2023
June 4, 2023
🚀 New! Consolto's Group Rooms & Group Chat!

👋 Hi there,

We've got some exciting news that's bound to make your day! 🥳

After a thrilling journey, we're ecstatic to announce the completion of the final phase of our mission – the launch of Consolto's Group Rooms and Group Chat! Now, connecting with your customers online is easier and more engaging than ever. 🎉🚀

From instant calls 📞 when customers land on your website, to pre-scheduled meetings in our unique Group Rooms 🏢, we've got you covered. And let's not forget our revolutionary Group Chat feature that lets you have real-time conversations with your customers right on your website. Isn't that cool? 😎

In fact, Consolto is the ONLY solution out there that provides both On-Demand calls (like facetime, whatsapp and.. your phone) AND Room meetings (like Zoom & Google Meet).

Read more about our 4-phase roadmap delivered today.

But wait, there's more! We've also rolled out two important fixes:

1️) Improved Emails: We've given our emails a makeover for better readability and interaction. We hope you love this fresh new look! 💌

2️)  Auto-Zoom on iOS: No more squinting at your screens, iOS users! We've fixed the auto-zoom issue for a smoother and more comfortable user experience. 📱✨

To your success,

The Consolto team