About Consolto -
Much More Than
Just a Video Chat

In a business landscape dominated by large corporations and enterprises with unlimited resources, the freelancers and small and medium businesses are left only with the slim pickings.

Until now…

Consolto Mission

Founded in 2018, Consolto is on a mission to help freelancers and small and medium businesses thrive in a hyper-competitive business world unfairly stacked up against them. We want to level the playing field by providing our customers with a powerful set of business capabilities that eliminate the unfair advantage enabled by the deep pockets of enterprises and large organizations.  

We’ve done our homework and spent countless hours researching the way businesses communicate with their customers, especially when it comes to remote interactions. Our findings show us that businesses that are able to create warm, immersive interactions with their customers have much higher success rates across nearly every single metric.

So we got to work building a suite of business tools centered around live videochat. We made it simple, so that anyone can get it up and running in minutes. We made it hassle-free, so that anyone can use it without having to download new software or remember pesky credentials. We made it cost-effective, so that anyone can use it without breaking their budgets.

We made it for you.

Our vision is to make remote work so warm and personal, that it feels like you’re in the same room with your customer.

We’d love to have you join us for the ride.